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June 10th, 2023


Sunnyville, USA

Welcome to Sunnyville!

Journey back to 1962 where anticipation fills the air as the picturesque town prepares for its annual Labor Day fireworks celebration.

It isn’t long before shadowy figures, mysterious break-ins, and dark secrets begin to plague the peaceful and charming little town. Concern quickly turns to panic and fear as suspicion, mayhem, and murder run rampant throughout the town, bringing back painful and terrifying century old memories of Sunnyville’s very first Labor Day and its notorious mayor.

Join the complex and intriguing group of townsfolk as they race against the clock to uncover the ghastly mystery lurking somewhere among the familiar faces of neighbors and friends.

Romance blooms, thrills unfold, and suspense boils over as Labor Day rapidly approaches, bringing Sunnyville to an epic and jaw-dropping conclusion sure to leave you speechless…


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